Managing Incoming Phone Calls.

There are multiple different configurations from managing incoming phone calls with Telus Business Connect. You can manage these settings through the web interface, and many examples of configurations are listed below.

If you have any problems, or additional questions, please contact IT. IT can view and update these settings for you if you are having problems, or are unable to update your settings.

Accessing Call Handling settings

Within the Business Connect Web Interface Select Settings - Call Forwarding and Handling

The first ring will be Desktop apps & Smartphone

You can turn this on or off. If it is off it will ring on the phones configured under the forwarding calls to.

If enabled you can select how long to wait before forwarding calls to another phone or device.

Your Desktop App or Smartphone app will continue to ring even if forwarded to another device if enabled. If you want your desktop app and desktop phone to both ring, change this setting to 0.

Then Forward Calls to

If you have a hard desktop phone it will appear on this list.

If you do not use the mobile app, you can add your cell phone number for forwarding. – Important, do not forward to your cell phone if you have the app on your phone. Choose one or the other.

You can add alternative numbers as applicable.

Forward to other user’s phones

If you are going to be away from the office, you have the option to have all incoming calls ring on another staff member’s desk phone.

This is available from the additional options beside the Add Call Forwarding Phone option

An additional window will come up with anyone who is assigned a desk phone. Check off the appropriate individual and select done. Their phone will then appear in your forward to list.

Further clarification:

Incoming calls will only ring on the desk phone, not any additional phones if that person has forwarding enabled.

Voicemails will still go to your mailbox.

If you want a hard forward to another person, which will ring on all their phones, and send the caller to their voicemail, please contact IT. This is something that can be completed on the admin side.

Phones will Ring

Sequentially vs Simultaneously

If you enable forwarding Calls to additional phones, you can choose if they should ring

Simultaneously – All at the same time or Sequentially – one after another

If you choose sequentially the phones will ring in the order listed. You can select the up and down arrow buttons beside the number to control the order. If you do choose sequentially please be aware of the number of rings. Refer to the examples below.

Ring time:

5 second = approx. 1 ring

The more forwarding you have enabled, the longer your phone will ring before picking up to Voicemail. Add up all the ring times set to see how long your phone will ring before the voicemail will pickup to ensure it is not too excessive.

Example #1a – Phones set to ring Sequentially

Desktop App – 10 Second Desktop Phone – 20 Seconds Mobile phone – 20 Seconds.

In this example, there would be approx. 10 rings before voicemail would pickup.

Example #1b – Phones set to ring Simultaneously

Desktop App – 10 Second Desktop Phone – 20 Seconds Mobile phone – 20 Seconds.

In this example, there would be approx. 6 rings before voicemail would pickup.

If you want your voicemail to go to your cell phone instead of Business Connect, set the Ring For setting on your cell phone to the max amount. Your cell phone voicemail will then pickup before the Business Connect. Remember though and previous Settings will be added to how long it takes before the voicemail will pickup

Example #2

Desktop App – 10 Seconds Mobile phone – 75 Seconds

If the cell phone is set to pickup after 6 rings, in this example, there would be two rings on the desktop app first, totaling approx. 8 rings.

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