How to pin the Precon Programs to your taskbar.

The steps below are to recreate the shortcuts to the Precon Programs on your taskbar. If you have never run the Precon Programs off a local computer you may need to contact IT for additional program installations.

1. Open Windows Explorer, under Documents select the PERP folder


2. Open the required program from this location

Note: there will be an error message that comes up. This is expected behavior. Select continue but do not close the application

Right click the program icon on the task bar and select Pin to Taskbar


Close the application.

3. Right click on the icon in the taskbar – right click on the Application name and select properties.


4. Update the target and start in field from C:\Users\username\Documents\PERP to the network share.


Please copy and paste from the appropriate shortcuts below. Ensure the quotation marks before and after are included

Precon QMS:

Target: "\\rcb1-leth\preconprograms\Precon QMS 3\PreconQMS3.exe" Start in: "\\rcb1-leth\preconprograms\Precon QMS 3"

Precon Sales Program:

Target: "\\rcb1-leth\preconprograms\Precon Sales Program\SalesProgram.exe" Start in: "\\rcb1-leth\preconprograms\Precon Sales Program"

Precon Scheduler: Target: "\\rcb1-leth\preconprograms\Precon Scheduler\PreconScheduler.exe" Start in: "\\rcb1-leth\preconprograms\Precon Scheduler"

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