Connecting to Precon network via VPN

VPN access allows you to access program installed on your local computer as if you are working within the Precon network.

The VPN program is created by the IT group. The program is specific to your user account, and a separate installer is required to be generated for every individual. If you do not have the OpenVPN program installed on your computer and feel you should, contact IT for setup.

  1. Launch the OpenVPN GUI program on your computer


    If you receive a UAC pop warning regarding letting this application make changes to your hard drive, select Yes. Note – you are selecting yes because this is an expected warning. If you see this message and were not expecting it, do not automatically select yes.
  2. Locate the OpenVPN GUI in the minimized icons (by your clock on the task bar) You may need to select to show more.


  3. Rick click on the icon and select Connect.


To disconnect – right click on the OpenVPN GUI icon and select disconnect.

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