Check if a Email is in Spam filters

Spam is an ongoing issue, and no filters are perfect. There are times that a legitimate email may be incorrectly marked as spam.

If you feel a message has been blocked you can check the spam filters by clicking the following link.

Your login information is your email address and the same password that you log into your computer with.

All emails that have been marked as spam will be on this list, sorted by most recently received emails.

There is a selection on the top to show which kind of messages you want to see in the list below. At the time of writing this Article, there is no Show all types of spam options.

If there is an email that is not spam, you can select the message, more information will become available. From this section you can select to release the message


If you are unsure of a message, you can select Preview email message to confirm is this is a legitimate email

Whitelisting Emails - If many emails are being marked as spam, and you know the sender is safe and do not want any of those emails filtered for spam, they can be added to the whitelist. An example is a customer or vendor that we frequently communicate with.

Only IT can add an email address to the Whitelist. If you have an address you feel should be added please send in a request and we will be happy to complete that for you.

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