Transferring a call

Within the Telus Business Connect softphone, when you are on an active call additional options will be available to you. One of those options is Transfer


You can select this option, and then enter an individual's name or extension to transfer the call to them.

The options available for transfer are


Warm Transfer - You have the opportunity to speak to the person you are transfer the call to first. This is recommend.

Blind Transfer - The will send the call immediately to the other individual. Please note, the caller display does not transfer, which can lead to confusion as the receiver may thing the call is from you and not for example a customer. This is not recommended.

Send to Voicemail - Option to send to another individual's voicemail box. This is useful for situations that you know the person is unavailable.


While on an active call you can transfer a call to someone from the HUD group. This can be a useful feature, as you do not need to type in their name or extension.


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