Managing Shared Calendars in Outlook

By default, all basic Outlook Calendar information in your primary Calendar is shared with all other Precon staff.

Adding a Shared Calendar

Within Calendars in Outlook, select Open Calendar – From Address Book on the Outlook Home Menu


Select the name(s) of the individual’s calendars you want to add.

This will add the names to your Shared Calendar or Room list. You can select the checkbox beside the names to view or hide the calendar.

Shared Calendars are individuals.

Rooms are resource calendars such as boardrooms.

You only need to add a calendar once, but can choose when you want to view the information.

Remove a Shared Calendar

Team calendars are managed by the system. If there is a calendar in the Team list that is no longer active, please contact IT to properly update.

The Calendars that appear on your Shared Calendar list are maintained by you. If you have a calendar on your list that is no longer required, you must remove this calendar.

To remove a Shared Calendar on your list right click on the calendar name and select delete calendar. If the delete option is not available, select the calendar first.


*note – this does not delete the calendar, it just removes it from your list. If you accidentally delete a calendar you can add it back via the previous steps.

Making an Entry Private

As all calendars are shared by default, be mindful of adding personal information. If you are adding a calendar entry that is of a personal nature and do not want the information visible to all Precon employees, select private.

This option is available while making the calendar entry


Or by right clicking an calendar entry that is already created.

If the private option is selected when another Precon employee is viewing your calendar they will see the time blocked off, however all information will be suppressed.

Sharing additional Calendars

Your default Calendar is shared by default. If you create an additional calendar you can share that with others. Note – There are times when an additional shared calendar is better off being a system calendar that an additional calendar under an individual’s mailbox. If you think a calendar is better being a system calendar – or if you are not sure, contact IT for setup or guidance.

To share an additional calendar, simply right click on the calendar name and select Share.


Email – this will send an email of the existing calendar and appointments contained within. This is a onetime share.

Share Calendar – This is to create a share with other Precon employees so the can view and edit your calendar. Complete the email, adding the names of the individuals you want to share with. You can also select the access level if you want individuals to be able to add and modify. The default setting is view only.

Publish Calendar – This will create an HMTL link for external access to calendars. This setting is not tested fully and is not recommended to share any of your calendars outside of Precon. If there is need to create a shared calendar external, please contact IT, as there are better managed and more secure methods of completing this.

Calendar Permission – View and edit your calendar permissions. From here you can review whom you have granted permission to your calendar and adjust or remove access.

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